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01/12/2020 18:42:36(GMT+8)
Be Nice To You


B92U-Be Nice To You, is a protection program that is special for B9Casino Player.

Secure Your Online Gaming Experiences with this B9 Casino Protection Program.

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1st Deposit Cancellation Protection – T&Cs

  • New Member 1st Deposit Cancellation Protection, you’re protected for your 1st time experience in B9Casino. In any event you feel not comfortable or risky after the 1st time deposit at our online casino, you’re allowed to cancel it and we will return it to you!
  • This 1st Deposit Cancellation Protection protects your first deposit, where we allow 100% full refund for any change of mind before using it.
Please be informed, the refund is only applicable with below circumstances:
  • The amount of refund is only applicable to first time deposit that are below BND1,000.
  • Refund is not allowed if your first deposit amount is more than BND1,000. In order to withdraw the money out from your account, members would need to achieve 1x turnover. This is to avoid any scams such as money laundering, bank abuse and fraud issue.
  • 1st time deposit refund can only be made if you didn’t start your first online bet. Any amount of deposit left after your first bet is not entitled to this protection anymore.
  • B9Casino General Terms & Conditions applied.

You may contact our livechat to have further clarification and to proceed your first deposit refund.
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  1. This protection is only valid on FIRST bets settled within 24 hours prior to the claim. Bet settlement after 24 hours will not be counted.
  2. The bet must be a “LOSE ALL” in B9Casino at any Live Casino Baccarat product. To be entitled to claim this bonus, members are only allowed to bet on "Banker" or "Player".
  3. The maximum cash back amount for this Baccarat 100% Bet Protection is BND100.
  4. Each new member may use and claim this protection ONCE only.
Please be informed, below criteria will be factored in:
  1. This protection is applicable for non-bonus 1st deposits only.
  2. You are required to make a bet amount of 3 time before withdrawal can be made.
  3. This bonus cannot be used in conjunction any other bonuses.
  4. Members must come to our Live Chat within 24 hours after the qualified day to claim the bonus.
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Slot Withdrawal Protection – T&Cs

  • (Only applicable to your FIRST Withdrawal on the day)
  • B9 Online Casino Brunei Slots Withdrawal Protection is all about giving you assurance to play safe and ensure you get 100% winning pays at any time you want.
  • Under this Slot Games Withdrawal protection, B9 Online Casino Brunei promise the withdrawal process will take less than 30 mins.
  • As long as players fulfilled all the turnover requirements (if applicable) and withdrawal requirements (if there is any), you will get your withdrawal within 30 minutes.
  • Under this protection, in the event that the withdrawal process at B9 Online Casino Brunei Slots exceeds 30 minutes, players will get 100% compensated based on the withdrawal amount, up to BND1,000.

Please be informed, below criteria will be factored into the withdrawal terms:

  • Bank maintenance. Any delays in withdrawal process due to bank maintenance is external factor that we have no control in. Please understand that under this circumstance, withdrawal protection is not applicable.
  • Abnormal betting. In the event that we encountered certain abnormal betting or suspicious behaviors of your account, please be informed that investigation will be carried out and thus, withdrawal will be put on hold.
  • B9Casino General Terms & Conditions applied.

Don’t be hesitate to contact our 24/7 LiveChat if you have any questions on this Slot Games Withdrawal Protection.

What is B92U?

B92U - Be Nice To You, is a protection program that is special for B9Casino Player. As we valued your gaming experiences and confident towards B9Casino, we are offering 3 protections for all verified member.

What does B92U cover?

All B9 verified member are entitled our 1st Deposit Cancellation Protection, Weekly Sports Bet Protection and Slots Withdrawal Protection.

How do I entitled B92U program?

As long as your bank account details is verified by our finance department, you’re automatically entitle our B92U program.

Is there any lifespan for my B92U?

No. As long as your bank account details is verified, you will be protected by our B92U program lifetime.

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